What are the best products for your curls?

Finding the best products for you is a process that can be exhausting. Visiting your hair stylist from time to time is refreshing but at the end of the day, the basis of what your hair needs in order to be rich in moisture, full of life and defined without frizz, depends very much on your hair regimen.

My Curly Way products have been adapted for most curls, with a variety of curly, wavy and kinky hair. However, the form of use of the products is different, depending on the type of hair and the different purposes of each curly head.

which hair product should i use

Type 2: Wavy hair

Type 2 hair, is one of the types of curly hair also called wavy hair. Its shape like an open S shape and the big challenge of this hair type is dealing with volume. Sometimes this type of hair swells beyond recognition and loses shape in humid weather, and sometimes we actually want the hair to take on more shape and volume, but of course without frizz.

There are some tricks we can use to make this hair type more disciplined to our desires.


More volume – To add volume to the hair, it is recommended to use an afro comb when the hair is dry, and apply it on the lower layer of hair, from the middle of the hair towards the root. The comb will create the illusion of volume in the roots. To prevent frizz and to style the hair, use My Curly Way Curl My World gel while the hair is still wet. The gel will give you shine while maintaining soft and silky touch hair.

If you want to curl your hair more, after applying the gel, twirl the curls upwards with your hands. Repeat this operation several times, and the hair will retain its curly shape for a long time.

After drying, “break” the gel by scrunching the tips between your palms. The refraction will give the curls a touch of softness.

Less volume – To reduce volume, apply the Curl My World gel to the entire length of the hair, a unified layer, without scrunching the curls at all. Dry in the open air or use a diffuser from the side (rather than from the bottom up). The gel will keep the curls close together and thus reduce the volume.


If your hair is dry, use the Curl On leave-in conditioner to give your hair the moisture it needs. Curl On wraps the hair in a shell of softness and vitality. It can be applied after the gel to prevent damaging the shape we created with the gel.

Type 3: Curly hair

Type 3 hair is curly hair with a closed S shape and is more prone to weather changes. In addition to that the curly hair follicles shrink more as the hair dries.

The Curl On leave-in conditioner is perfect for type 3 hair because it softens the hair, moisturizes it and provides a definition while fighting frizz. Curl On doesn’t contain glycerin and therefore will serve you well in both dry weather and humid weather, all year long.

For maximum definition in type 3 hair, it is recommended to put the Curl My World gel over the Curl On. Do not be afraid to use the Curl My World gel as it does not create a feeling of hard or stiff hair, but leaves soft and pleasant curls while maintaining their shape for a long time.

To build curls, scrunch the curls with your palms immediately after applying the products. It can be dried in the open air or dried with a diffuser from the ends of the hair to the top.

Type 4: Kinky hair

Kinky hair is also exposed to the effects of the weather and temperature changes. Kinky hair can shrink easily, especially in humid weather.

If your regimen involves the use of oils like coconut oil or olive oil, it is advisable to apply the Curl On before the oil. The Curl On will keep the hair saturated, while the oil will cover it with another layer of moisture. The Curl On is a light so for your hair it can function as a moisture infusion on wet hair.

To keep your curls in shape for a few days, use Curl My World gel. The gel will allow you keep your curls defined and soft.

Products for low and high porosity

Hair porosity is the degree to which your hair is able to absorb water. An easy test of your hair can answer a lot of questions and help you choose the most effective products for you.

The Curl On is a leave-in conditioner that is developed primarily for low porosity, since it gives light moisture to the hair without weighing down the hair, however we received excellent feedback son it even from having high porosity curly girls. The Curl On is based on natural ingredients and flower extracts. It does not contain sulfates, silicones, parabens or mineral oil, which means it is great for curlies looking for products that will give them healthy and vibrant hair.

If you have high porosity and damaged hair as a result of various chemical actions, you can mix the Curl On together with another oil such as coconut oil and thus give upgraded moisture to the hair.

Both low porosity hair and high porosity hair will benefit greatly from the Curl My World gel. The Curl My World gives a strong grip to the curls, so that even in humid climate, the curls will remain defined for a long time, while being soft and shiny.