Curls are a way of life!

My Curly Way

Healthy hair products for natural curls

Curls, kinks or wavy hair, My Curly Way products were developed to celebrate our curl pattern! The products are free of sulfates, silicones and parabens. Cruelty Free and Vegan.

The Products

Curl My World
Curl My World – Curl Sculpting Gel
Sculpting Gel for healthy curls, with a powerful hold that enables defined curls over time without frizz and without a sense of stiffness or dryness. Based on fruit extracts and rich flowers that produces natural hair shine.
curl on
Curl On – Curl Defining Leave-in Conditioner
Defined and healthy curls are no longer a dream - it's a reality! Leave-in conditioner for flexible, defined and soft curls, without heavy or greasy feeling. Based on rich flower extracts that produces soft and shiny hair.
Curly SPA – Cucumber Deep Conditioner
Your weekly spa treatment! From fresh cucumbers we've made this wonderful deep conditioner for healthy and shiny curls. Enriched with cucumber extract and vitamins for the perfect spa experiment. Leaves hair with natural moisture.
Rin | Hair Perfume & Serum 2 in 1
Enjoy our unique hair perfume with a refreshing fragrance featuring floral notes: lily, lavender, violets, and jasmine. Rin has a unique formula enriched with betaine extracted from beet root.
CurlStrong – Strong Hold Gel
Our strong hold gel is the ultimate secret weapon to keep your curls in line with your plans and vanish to frizz away. It will sculpt and maintain the shape of your curls. Enriched with natural nut extracts.
CurlFIX protein treatment hair mask
Chemical treatments, exposure to heat, sunlight, and environmental damages are just some of the factors that contribute to damaged hair. CurlFIX is a repairing mask that helps in these situations.  
Clearly Curly
Clearly Curly – Gentle Curls Shampoo
Gentle shampoo, for a feeling of rejuvenation saturated with moisture. Without harsh sulfates or drying ingredients. Cleanses and balances the scalp, with anti-freeze components that leave the hair pleasant and shiny.

No Sulfates

Humidity Proof

No Parabens

No Silicones

Cruelty Free


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Sitting next to the blow dryer can be exhausting. With My Curly Way products, you can skip the diffuse, and go for air drying.

More volume, less volume, it’s all about techniques! Watch this video to see how to get the result you want.

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