Is Your Stylist a Curl Expert?

How comfortable are you that your stylist is a curl expert? The needs of curly hair are significantly different than that of straight hair. With the increased risk for dryness, frizz, and breakage, finding a stylist who knows what it means to tame curly hair is an absolute must-have. curly hair expert

Some stylists do not understand that to care for curly hair, they may have to invest in a bit of education on this hair or work alongside other experts to increase their experience. In fact, some stylists elect to learn as they grow their client-based and perform a bit of trial and error. 

What Should Your Stylist Know?

A stylist who is a curl expert can help you pinpoint the source of any problem that may emerge with your hair. They can help you identify what it is you like or dislike about your hair and partner with you to choose hairstyles that compliment your hair type and your sense of style. 

Effect of Hair Color on Curls

If you plan to add color to your curls, you want a stylist who understands the complexities of coloring curly hair including but not limited processing time, best color options including when to use lighteners, effects of brand chosen on hair moisture levels and pH balance.

Each of these factors can weaken your hair strands, leading to breakage if hair color is not applied properly.

Cutting Curly Hair

Next, you want to understand their hair trimming techniques for curly hair. Curly girls understand that there are risks with cutting curly hair while it is wet. Unlike straight hair, curly hair is deceptively lengthier in a wet state than it is in a dry state. Thus, if you cut curly hair while it is wet, once dry, it will shrink by as much as 10 inches to a shorter length once it is dry. 

You want a stylist who understands the importance of preserving length by cutting or trimming curly hair when it is dry.

Beware of the Curl Bandit

If your stylist is anxious to straighten your hair and you are not, you may have a mismatch. Be wary of stylists who want to straighten your hair more than you do.

Unfortunately, we all encounter a non-curl expert from time to time who tricks us into believing they understand what it means to be a curly girl. 

How to Find a Good Stylist

The key to finding a good hair stylist who is a curl expert may require you to do a fair amount of homework. Not sure where to start? We have you covered with a list of tips that will hopefully keep your hair safe from amateurs.

Schedule a Consultation

Before you drop your bottom onto the stylist’s chair, schedule a consultation session to get a feel for what they can do for your hair. A good stylist should be able to articulate which hairstyles will work best for your hair type, hair texture, and face shape. Also, he/she should be able to suggest tips for daily care and maintenance. 

Bring your questions to the consultation to assess their knowledge of your hair, how up to date with hair trends they are, the products they prefer to use and booking practices. If you are a client who prefers to have someone who enjoys doting on you without the distraction of musical chairs between other clientele and your stylist, you will want to know if your stylists double or triple-books appointment slots. 

Finally, get their rates up front. A good stylist can quote their fees without hesitation. 

Read the Reviews

Yes, reading reviews can seem boring, but they can prove insightful and save you a trip to the wrong stylists. Of course, you will have to weigh the good and bad. Let’s face it, some customers are never satisfied with any level of service and are quick to skew the rest of the reviews with a few lines of negative. 

Leverage Social Media

Unlike the ’90s and early millennium, these days, we have the option to peruse the work of hairstylists on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to determine if their work is as good as they claim it to be. 

Talk to Your Curly Friends

There’s nothing like word of mouth to help you identify a legitimate hairstyle who understands the complexities of curly hair. Get the name of a good stylist from your friends, neighbor, co-workers or even girl with good hair standing in line in front of you at the grocery store. 

Be Willing to Take a Journey

Sometimes, you may find that you have to travel several miles to enjoy the perks of a good stylist who understands what it means to have curly hair. It is highly possible that your quest for the perfect stylist may lead you to another city. 

As you can see, the road to finding a curl expert can take time if you do not already have a curl expert managing your curls. However, these steps will be well worth the journey if you can find the perfect match.