Six Ways to Control Big Natural Hair

Curly, kinky, coily natural hair is notorious for giving new meaning to the word ‘Big.’ After all, curly hair is prone to becoming frizzy. This unique quality has everything to do with the fact that our curly hair has a tendency for being thirsty. That’s right, curly hair is naturally drier than straight hair and requires us to work a little bit harder than the rest of the hair world if we are to gain any semblance of control over our curls.

curly hair volume

Don’t worry. There are good news. You can take control of your big, natural hair and take steps that enable you to keep the frizz away. Are you ready to get started?

Here are six ways to control big, natural hair. 

Sulfate-Free Products Only

Choose shampoos and conditioners that are sulfates free. Rationale? Sulfates have a nasty reputation for stripping your hair from your essential natural oils, leaving your hair prone to becoming dry, brittle, and full of frizz. It’s the perfect recipe for big frizzy hair. 

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Much

Yes, a clean scalp and hair are essential for healthy hair growth, but as a girl with curly locks, you have to avoid washing your hair too much, or you may inadvertently strip your hair of its natural oils and yet again, generate unwanted frizz. 

Use a Microfiber Towel to Dry Your Hair

This next tip is all about your towel-drying practices as it pertains to your hair. Be careful choosing a towel, microfiber towels are materials that won’t snag your hair or generate frizz. 

You’d never want to rub your hair during the towel drying process. Always squeeze the excess water from your hair or consider allowing it to air dry. 

Update Your Hair Care Product Application Ritual

Take charge of your hair by modifying your hair product application techniques. To minimize your poof factor, use the shingling method and the LCO method. 

What is the Shingling Method?

The shingling method of applying your hair products requires you to smooth the solution over your hair from root to tip after parting it into four distinct sections. This approach is especially useful when using leave-ins, creams, custards, and gels. 

What is the LCO Method

The LCO Method or liquid, cream, and oil technique are the practice of applying your hair products in the order indicated by the acronym. This approach works well when using essential oils, leave-in conditioners or smoothie/cream-based products. 

Deep Condition Your Hair

Deep conditioning your hair every other week can go a long way to hydrate your hair and aid you in navigating hot and humid climates that can trigger frizz. Hair masks are another fabulous option.

Use a Leave-In Conditioner

Yes, the final step of the hair cleansing process a.k. A Leave-In Conditioner may seem a bit excessive, but it’s a vital asset in the battle of controlling naturally curly hair. Leave-in conditioners infuse moisture, detangle your hair and can help to shield it from damage that can sometimes contribute to gnarly, big hair events. 

These are just six ways to take control of your big, natural hair.