Curly Girls! Do These Five Things to Stop Hair Breakage

Finding too much hair in your comb after a simple pass-through can undoubtedly create a bit of stress for the curly girl seeking to achieve volume and length. The secret to preventing hair loss is relatively simple. The key to achieving positive results, however, has everything to do with the consistency in which you practice a healthy curly girl hair care regimen. 

Hair Breakage

Here are five things you can do to stop hair breakage. 

Steer Clear of Products that are not Curly Girl Friendly

Okay, curly friends, the most critical step you can take to stop hair breakage is to avoid using products that will harm your curls. Curly hair is naturally prone to dryness. Your goal should be only to use those products that will hydrate your curls. Look for moisture-rich products. When choosing your shampoos and conditioners, look for those products that are sulfate and paraben-free. Do not skip the pre-poo process or skimp on using leave-in conditioners post-wash. 

Limit Your Use of Heat on those Curls!

Try to limit your use of heat. Heat, even when using the best products that will protect those valuable strands, can still compromise the integrity of your hair. Try to limit your use of heat, taking care to use the lowest setting possible on heating tools to achieve the desired style of choice. Allow your hair to air dry. 

Use Microfiber Towels to Dry Your Hair

Your natural, curly hair commands your respect. Microfiber towels are a must-have item in your arsenal of natural hair items. Microfiber towels are a fabulous option for drying your hair that will not generate unwanted frizz or cause your hair to snap with excessive manipulation, which can happen when using regular towels. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Our body consists of approximately 25% water, so it only makes sense that it would have some impact on our hair. You should aim to drink two liters of water daily for hair strength and growth. 

Take Control of Your Eating Habits

healthy curls

Your diet plays a vital role in the overall health of those precious curls and garbage can translate to garbage out as it pertains to the quality those hair strands as well as the health of your scalp. So, you’re probably wondering what are the best foods for hair health? Ultimately, you want to choose those foods that are rich in a core set of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. 


Zinc has a reputation for aiding your hair in growth and keeping breakage at bay. If you develop a zinc deficiency, it can contribute to your glorious curls becoming dry, brittle, thereby opening the door to damage.

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C consumption can dramatically reduce the rate of hair fall. Oranges, strawberries, and other citrus fruits are excellent sources of vitamin C. This vitamin helps our bodies to make collagen, which not only strengthens hair but slows the aging process.

Another added benefit of vitamin C is its ability to improve the absorption of iron. We need iron because of this mineral assists in the production of hemoglobin, which is responsible for carrying oxygen and other vital nutrients to the scalp level to support hair growth and reverse hair loss. 

Vitamin B

Vitamin B or B-complex vitamins not only promote heart health and our metabolism, but they enhance our skin and improve the health and strength of our hair. Hair elasticity is a must-have quality of hair to decrease the chance of breakage. Sources of vitamin B include whole grains, eggs, soybeans, nuts, legumes, avocado, and poultry.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fantastic, natural antioxidant that contributes to healthy hair growth. If you are dealing with breakage, eating foods that are rich in vitamin E may aid your body in combating oxidative stress and free radicals that can break down your hair follicles. 

Vitamin E is available in green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. 


Another vital ingredient in your dietary intake is protein. Boosting your protein intake to reduce the amount of hair fall. Protein is necessary because it aids in the protection of the integrity of our curls. Don’t worry; if you are vegan or all about living a plant-based lifestyle, there are numerous sources aside from meat that provide access to protein including but not limited to beans, tofu, tempeh, and lentils. 

Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Foods that are rich in omega-6 fatty acids such as fish, nuts, and whole grains can help to stimulate healthy hair growth. They aid in combatting inflammation in the body, which at the scalp level is critical to preventing unnecessary disruptions to the hair growth cycle.